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The Eyes of Darkness

The Eyes of Darkness

India’s second most populous state Bihar, where Buddha attained enlightenment, has seen hundreds of forcible bindings of petty criminals and often innocent persons in the last three & half decades. The Eyes of Darkness is a character driven film following Munna Thakur, a bank robber who was forcibly blinded in 2012 many years after he was already reformed. As he fights for justice neither the government nor media pays attention. With exclusive access to Munna and his attackers and all others, this film exposes the most horrific form of vigilante justice taking place in the world’s largest democracy.


"The Eyes of Darkness opens up the debate on lawlessness, vigilante justice and the weaknesses in the law and order machinery in Bihar....As Thakur repeatedly travels out of his village and tells his story over and over again to activists, police officials and journalists, he emerges as an unlikely hero in a story that needs one." - Nandini Ramnath, Scroll.in

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Director/Producer: Amitabh Parashar