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Recruiting for Jihad

Recruiting for Jihad


For three years a well-known Norwegian extremist gives unique access into his everyday life promoting Jihadism in Europe until he’s arrested and charged with providing material support of terrorism by recruiting for ISIS. When police seize the footage from the documentary as evidence, the filmmakers fight to protect the rights of independent journalists to pursue news stories in the public interest while protecting confidential sources. Their battle for press freedom goes all the way to Norway’s Supreme Court. The court found the documentary was “at the heart of investigative journalism” and that effective protection of the director's sources was "vital in creating the film.” This win has established an important distinction between the role of the press separate and apart from law enforcement while allowing each to fulfill their important but distinct functions.   

Extraordinarily timely given terrorist attacks in Manhattan, Barcelona, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, Nice, Brussels, San Bernardino, and other increasingly frequent incidents around the globe. Recruiting for Jihad also depicts the ongoing tensions between free societies that promote civil liberties and those who take advantage of such values while seeking to undermine them. And exposes firsthand the manipulative methods of a Jihadist recruiter willfully indifferent to the destructive consequences of his conduct.


“Not to be missed.” - Washington Times

"Access... that would make any Western news organization envious." - The Hollywood Reporter

“a fascinating look into extremism.” - Toronto Film Scene

“An enthralling look at the maddening disorientation of modern life—a Norwegian longing to be a part of a war in a place in the world he has never been, a Pakistani whose relationship with Islam is molded by an English imam… culture, identity, religion—all terms shown to be hard to unpack in a global world.” - Washington City Paper

“The film lulls you into his hypnotic charm before clearly drawing connections between Hussain’s acquaintances and terror attacks that have occurred in the last few years... It’s in seeing Hussain’s true nature, the film finds intrigue and resonance, familiarizing a perspective typically shrouded in cinematic otherness.” - Dominic Griffin, DCist

Recruiting for Jihad is red hot stuff. The film is crisp and direct; more importantly, it’s organized, informative, and transparent, laying out its biases, its context, and its MO at every step...Its approach to its subject is as refreshing as its content is gripping... urgent, compelling work.” - Max Bentovim, Brightest Young Things

"This enlightening exposé reveals far more about Hussain’s methods and ideologies than he likely intended." - Digital Journal

“an unprecedented level of access.” - DorkShelf

"The experience of watching how somebody can sway others to even the most radical of causes is both fascinating and frightening, and it makes Recruiting for Jihad an intriguing sort of journalistic expose.” - One Movie, Our Views

“Vice-style profile of Norwegian Islamist Ubaydullah Hussain.” - POV Magazine

Volt Film
Directors: Adel Khan Farooq, Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen
Producers: Jonathan Lie, Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, Lars Løge
Executive Producer (international 79 min version): Diana Holtzberg
2017, Norway, 79 min International version + 67 min Norwegian version, in Norwegian + English

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