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New Releases

New Releases

Beyond the Bolex

2018, USA/Switzerland, 91 min, in English

In the 1920s immigrant inventor Jacques Bolsey aimed to disrupt the early film industry with a motion picture camera for the masses: the iconic Bolex. Over 90 years later, filmmaker Alyssa Bolsey pieces together the fragments of a forgotten family archive to reveal the epic story of her great-grandfather in “Beyond the Bolex.” Interviewing family members and renowned filmmakers, Alyssa travels to Switzerland, and delves into Jacques' personal diary, film reels and collected images in order to understand the man and his impact on generations of filmmakers. More about the film here.

Silicone Soul

2018, USA, 71 min, in English

Silicone Soul explores the emotional connection some people have to their lifelike synthetic companions and what that means for the future of human relationships. Ultimately, this is a film about love, loneliness, secrets and, perhaps, acceptance. The bonds shown are diverse and layered: from romantic relationships, to friendships, to a recreation of the love between mother and child. Silicone Soul does not allow for its subjects to be easily labeled or judged. Instead, the film is a collection of resoundingly human stories that reflect universal themes—the desire for love, compassion and communication. Who are we to judge who…or what…people choose to love?  More about the film here.