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A spirited testimonial to this quintessential film enthusiast, the late founder of the Cinemathèque Française, Henri Langlois.

Langlois, made in 1970, offers a whimsical, anecdotal portrait, interspersing interviews with Monsieur Langlois's admiring associates with footage of him as he walks around Paris, holding forth on anything from a house in which Jean Renoir once lived to the black and white swans he spies in a park. The film culminates with the manifestations of support for Langlois following 1968 French Minister of Culture André Malraux's failed attempt to replace him as head of the Cinemathèque. His exalted institution progressed from just 10 films in 1936 to 60,000 films in the early 70s. In 2017, it stands as one of the largest film collections in the world.

Features commentary from Ingrid Bergman, Catherine Deneuve, Lillian Gish, Jean Renoir, Jeanne Moreau, Simone Signoret, Kenneth Anger, and Viva, who all speak about the importance of Langlois’ work to the world film community. 

"What emerges here, even more distinctly than the intensity of Mr. Langlois's love of film, is the tremendous debt of gratitude owed him by all those who play a part in this affectionate tribute." - The New York Times

Directors/Producers: Robert Guerra, Eila Hershon

1970, France, 52 min, in French & English with subtitles