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Daddy Don't Go

Daddy Don't Go


Daddy Don’t Go captures two years in the lives of four disadvantaged fathers in New York City as they fight to defy the odds against them. And the odds are real – men living in poverty are more than twice as likely to become absent fathers than their middle-class peers (U.S. Census Bureau).

Daddy Don’t Go is a tough but tender journey that aims to illuminate the everyday struggles of disadvantaged fathers. Alex, Nelson, Roy and Omar shatter the deadbeat dad stereotype and redefine what it means to be a good father for all men. More about the film here.

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2016 Best Documentary – American Black Film Festival
2016 Best Documentary - UrbanWorld Film Festival
2016 Award Winner Documentary Feature - HoosierDance International Film Festival
2016 Best Documentary - Black Cat Picture Show
2016 Winner Award of Excellence – IndieFest Film Awards
2016 Best Documentary & Best Editing - Rahway International Film Festival
2017 Best Director Documentary  - Flagler Film Festival
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"Every American must see this film. Why is it so heartbreakingly hard—even impossible—to be a decent dad in America if you’re poor? Daddy Don’t Go should sear the nation’s conscience.” - Kathryn Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University

“In her clear-sighted portrait, Abt maturely and poignantly captures the reality of (her subjects)...A depiction of not only paternal devotion and sacrifice, but also the difficulty of breaking cycles of personal and parental neglect and trauma, this stirring film derives much of its power from its non-judgmental, warts-and-all perspective on its subjects…This nuanced and heartrending work should prove extremely attractive to prominent cable outlets." - Nick Schager, Variety

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Emily Abt     Co-Director/Cinematographer: Andrew Osborne
Producers: Kereyn Thompson and Suzette Burton
Executive Producers: Omar Epps, Malik Yoba and Jennifer Fox
Editor: Jeff Marcello   Composer: Eric Holland
2015, USA, 90 min, in English

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